Rowan’s Report


Rowan’s Report is the Acres Animal Hospital quarterly newsletter. Editions are published every 3 months under the supervision of clinic cat Rowan. Here, Rowan and the Acres staff keep you informed on events at Acres and present articles that will help you help your pet live a healthier, happier, longer life.

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Rowan’s First Edition! Summer 2012 –  Car Safety, Flea FAQ, Poisonous Plants, Wildlife Corner

Rowan’s First Edition

Our previous Acres newsletter, published under the supervision of Pouncer, was discontinued 4 years ago. Our new clinic cat, Rowan, is now learning the tricks of his trade and is ready to oversee the production of our new newsletter, Rowan’s Report. You can pick up a copy of the latest issue in our clinic or online at

Download a .pdf file of Rowan’s Report



Dental Edition: February 2013 – Dental Health, Dental Walkthrough, Heartworm Disease, For Adoption

DentalEditionWelcome to the second edition of the quarterly Acres newsletter. This edition covers the holiday season, and offers tips to keep your four-legged family members healthy and accident free during this busy time. Have a fun and safe holiday season and see you in the new year.

Download a .pdf file of Rowan’s Report


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