Emergency Medical Care

Regular Business Hours

To schedule an appointment during business hours, please call 902-434-4446.

24 hour Emergency Care

Metro Animal Emergency Clinic: 902-468-0674
201 Brownlow Avenue, Burnside Business Park

Through our partnership with the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic (MAEC), you will also have access to 24 hour emergency care even while we are closed. MAEC offers a variety of emergency services, such as blood transfusions (they have donors on standby!), xrays and ultrasound, emergency surgery, diagnostic laboratory, and critical care monitoring.

You can reach MAEC’s emergency team at 902-468-0674.

Acres Animal Hospital

721 Main St., Dartmouth, NS B2W 3T6 (902) 434-4446
Open Monday - Friday 8AM - 8PM
Closed Holidays and Weekends
Consultation by Appointment

Emergency Medical Care

For Emergency Medical Care, please contact: Metro Animal Emergency Clinic 902-468-0674
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