Meet the Team

Meet our veterinary team! Our well-trained staff is pleased to offer a variety of services for your fourlegged family members.


  • Dr. Lee and Taz

    Dr. Laura V. Lee

    Veterinarian, DVM, IVAS, AVCA

    In an effort to meet the requirements of her existing patients, Dr. Lee is currently not…

    Veterinary Technicians & Assistants

  • Nancy

    Registered Veterinary Technologist, RVT

    Nancy lives in Dartmouth with her boyfriend Jay and their four cats, Morgan, Ferris, Nari…
  • Smiling Cat



    Veterinary Assistants

  • Emily

    Veterinary Assistant

    Since Emily was very young she has had a passion for animals of all sizes. At the age of 6…
  • Smiling Cat


    Veterinary Assistant

    IT/Managerial Assistant

  • Lynne

    IT/Managerial Assistant

    Lynne wears a lot of different hats. She has a practice management hat, an IT hat, a web…

    Clinic Cat

  • Rowan

    Clinic Cat

    Rowan was abandoned in a cardboard box along with his sister and found his way into our…