Dr. Lee and Taz
Dr. Laura V. Lee
Veterinarian, DVM, IVAS, AVCA

Education: University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College

In an effort to meet the requirements of her existing patients, Dr. Lee is currently not excepting any new clients.

Accreditation and Affiliations

Dr. Lee is a member of the following professional organizations: CVMA, NSVMA, AVCA, IVAS, AVAC, CAVD, CIVT. (Click for more info.)

Dr. Laura V. Lee was born in Ontario but has been in Nova Scotia since 1979, when she graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College.

She has 2 children, 3 cats (Cuica, Robin and Tikadee), and an Arabian horse (Taz). Her passions include riding horses. Her previous horse Spidey, a Hanoverian x Thoroughbred gelding, sustained a spinal cord neck injury, and was treated to become sound enough for light riding. He was the reason that Dr. Lee became certified in veterinary acupuncture in 2000 (IVAS), and animal chiropractic in 2003 (AVCA), and is a member of numerous professional organizations. She has been a speaker at several American Veterinary Chiropractic Association annual conferences, and the International Conference on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in 2017. (More information on Dr. Lee’s accreditations and affiliations can be found here.) Dr. Lee’s current area of study is Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Food Therapy, and current area of research is myofascial and fascial applications to animal chiropractic. She uses a wide range of integrative medicine skills to provide holistic treatment for a wide range of problems, including sport injuries, neurological problems, skin issues, cancer, and age related diseases.

Laura can also be found playing jazz percussion with various Halifax area groups or playing Brazilian samba drums with Samba Nova, indulging her passion for music.

Many of the photos on this website, including most of the pet photos taken at our annual Santa Party and Spring Fling, were taken by Dr. Lee.

IT/Managerial Assistant

Lynne wears a lot of different hats. She has a practice management hat, an IT hat, a web designer hat, and a MacGyver hat. She also has a technician hat and a vet assistant hat for when other staff are on vacation. Lynne lives with three demanding cats, who see her as their personal slave.

Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)
Clinic Cat

Hometown: Dartmouth

Pets: The entire staff!

Rowan was abandoned in a cardboard box along with his sister and found his way into our hospital and our hearts. He is adjusting well to life at the clinic and loves to greet you when you come in. He is following the pawprints of the old master-cat, Pouncer, who died at the age of 16, of cancer, about a month before Rowan showed up.

Clinic cats are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. They assist in reception by greeting patients and clients at the door. They warm blankets of patients, and do quality control tests on our bedding and kennels. At times, they provide demonstrations of home care techniques, such as nail trim, pilling, and injections. Most importantly, clinic cats are responsible for their co-workers mental wellfare, providing hugs and snuggles to keep everyone’s moral up!

Rowan’s hobbies include hunting (computer) mice, greeting patients and clients, sitting on shoulders, “helping” with paperwork, keeping beds and blankets warm, and chewing on medical equipment. The last is a big NO and earns him time out. As you can see, Rowan uses him timeout wisely to catch up on his napping.
Rowan naps