Covid-19 Pandemic Update May 13, 2021

The Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association’s return to work guidelines have been approved by the province. As of June 5, 2020, veterinary hospitals will be able to offer their full range of services and products to their patients. However, restrictions to human movement in the hospital still apply. Curbside appointments or telemedicine appointments are available by appointment for existing patients. Entry to the building is limited. Please call 902-434-4446 when you arrive for an appointment.

Reduced hours continue: Acres is open 12 noon – 6pm Monday-Friday

Access to the building is limited. Please do not enter unless you are given the ok by a staff member. Non-medical masks or face coverings are required to enter the building.

Everyone is required to maintain a 2 meter physical distance. Please respect other clients, and keep your distance from all animals who are not your own.

Curbside and contact-less service is preferred in all instances.

For prescription refills, please call ahead so that we can prepare your prescriptions before you arrive. Food sales can also be called in so that the order is ready before you arrive. Credit card payment can be taken over the phone; call or knock when you arrive and orders will be placed on the table outside the door. For debit or cash payment, please call to arrange to use our debit terminal. Please respect the markings on the floor and do not cross the lines unless invited to do so by a staff member.

Telemedicine appointments are available to existing patients for some cases. Photos or videos are required for telemedicine appointments. Please ask us what views are required for your appointment. Photos and/or videos can be sent to [email protected], or to [email protected] if the images or videos are very large.

As of June 5, 2020, we are now able to provide the full range of in-hospital services to our patients. This includes surgery appointments such as spays, neuters or lumpectomies; vaccination appointments; wellness exam; grooming; and other non-urgent medical appointments. Dr. Lee also offers chiropractic, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine appointments.

When you arrive for an in-hospital appointment, please wait outside. Call or knock on the door to let us know you are here. A staff member in protective equipment will come out to admit your pet for the appointment. Please also help keep us all safe and healthy and continue to provide medical care to our patient by allowing us to maintaining at 2 meter physical distance from other humans.

For all curbside appointments, COVID-19 screening is required. This will allow us to ensure we are taking all the necessary measures to keep ourselves safe and ensure that we are able to continue to provide medical care to our patients. Please answer the screening questions completely and honestly.

To help prevent the spread of disease, consent forms and admission forms are now available online for electronic submission. If you have an appointment scheduled, please download or complete the appropriate forms here.

Patient Admission and Consent Forms

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We can be reached at:

telephone or voicemail: 902-434-4446

email: [email protected]

telemedicine email for large photos or videos: [email protected]

online via our contact form

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The Metro Animal Emergency Clinic continues to be open for emergencies.