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Approach from North-airport (Hwy 102 from Truro, Airport South to Halifax)

  1. Take Hwy 118 to left to Dartmouth
  2. Take 107E exit to Cole Harbour, Eastern Shore [(Forest Hills Extension)(NOT the 1st 107W exit to Burnside)]
  3. Follow 107 to stop light which is Main St. (Tim Horton’s, Sobey’s, Petro Can on corners)
  4. Turn left onto Main St. (it becomes Hwy 7 & 107)
  5. Just before second set of lights (about ½ km) turn left into Acres parking lot-2 story clay coloured building.
  6. On left hand side of Main St. just after East –West Restaurant, The Legion and just before Hungry Jacks

Alternatively, turn left at second set of lights (Montague Rd.) and then make an immediate sharp left into parking lot.

From Sackville, Bedford

  1. Take Dartmouth Rd at the Chicken Burger in Bedford; go up hill and then down Magazine Hill into Burnside.
  2. Turn left at Akerley Blvd. (1st left after Magazine Hill)
  3. Take Akerley Blvd. all the way out to Hwy 118 and cross over the 118- Akerley becomes the 107
  4. Follow directions as above.

Approach from the East- Porter’s Lake, Lake Echo

  1. Take 107 West into Dartmouth
  2. 1st set of lights is Lake Major Rd. – Keep straight
  3. 3rd let of lights is Montague (Cemetery on corner)
  4. Acres’ driveway is first driveway after Montague Rd.
  5. Beside Hungry Jack’s Restaurant

Approach from Halifax and 111 Circumferential Hwy

  1. Take MacKay Bridge which will take you right onto Hwy 111 (Circumferential)
  2. Take Hwy 111 past Mic Mac Mall to Main St. exit
  3. Take Main St. exit and go straight
  4. There are 7 sets of lights before you get to Acres
  5. You will go past a Sobey’s, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, up a hill, past NSCC Akerley campus, through a small green belt then past some gas stations, Tim Horton’s, another Sobey’s.
  6. Acres is on the left hand side about ½ km past the second Sobey’s just after the East-West restaurant and the Legion, and just before Hungry Jacks Restaurant
  7. Driveway is just before set of lights at Montague Rd.

From Dartmouth- Portland St. (which becomes Cole Harbour Rd.)

  • Turn onto Forest Hills Drive at the Sobey’s and Canadian Tire and stay on Forest Hills until the next major intersection, which is Main St. There is another Sobey’s at this corner too.
  • Turn right (East towards Porter’s Lake, Eastern Shore)
  • Acres driveway on left hand side just before second set of lights about ½ km from the Sobey’s. Just after the East-west restaurant and the Legion and just before Hungry Jacks restaurant.